I’m often asked “Why does my competition outrank me on Google?” The basic reason is activity. The advanced answer is a variety of activity.

The bottom line is, there are many factors built into online internet marketing success, but here are just some of the most basic reasons your competition is smoking your online SEO presence:

1.) They’ve been around the block a lot longer.
While not always the case, Google trusts web sites and web domains that have been around the block. It’s not a fan of the Johnny Come Lately domain name that was just registered 6 months ago, but favors domain names with horsepower and longevity.

2.) They keep their web site fresh and with up to snuff coding techniques.
If your web site is still sporting the flying butterflies and flock of seagulls mp3 music, it’s time to let go of the 90′s and clean that code up.  Further, Google is a busy search engine, it doesn’t have time to sift through 32,000 lines of frivolous outdated Java Script code. The leaner and cleaner, the better.

3.) They show up in MANY places.
In 2011, the average consumer visited 10.7 places online prior to buying.  That means your competition has online reviews out there, a Google places presence, a Facebook presence, a YouTube presence, a LinkedIn presence, Google+, etc. AND they actively participate in conversations at those places.  Google does pay attention to activity, that’s where the relevance lies.

4.) They are blogging and / or educating their web site visitors consistently.
If your business wrote a blog 8 months ago about Beatrice the housekeepers wedding anniversary and how special that was to your business, you’re not doing it right. Feeding your audience with the information and expertise that THEY are looking for is mission critical to succeeding with SEO. Google wants new food to display in the search results, feed it wisely. Another important factor here is SEO optimization.  If your web site is speaking YOUR language and not your prospects language, how could your web site ever show up to your prospects in the search engine results?

5.) They have all of the right tools in place to succeed with SEO.
If your web site was hand built years ago, you may be missing a huge leg up in SEO.  Modern web sites generate RSS feeds / XML feeds that search engines are hungry for and digest much more rapidly then static ‘old school’ web sites. Upgrading your technology platform can do wonders for your online presence.

6.) Google simply trusts them.
1/3 of winning at SEO is THE trust factor.  If your competitor keeps feeding Google and doesn’t try to trick the search engines with gimmicks, tricks, etc., they will ultimately win.  Trickery and slight of hand tricks will NOT result in a long term SEO success story and could ultimately get your domain expelled from the search engines period.

7.) Their domain name was well thought out and may contain some great keywords.
Domain names do play a decent role in Google rankings.  If you are considering a new web site, think very carefully about what keywords you can get in that domain.  Use keywords that your prospects would actually use to find your business / products.

8.) They are linked to from places that matter.
Google loves to crawl and follow links.  It also loves to see that your web site links back to important places that are RELEVANT to the content on your web site.  This is an art form within itself, but link building is a strong key factor in how your web site can rank in the results.

9.) Their brand is simply talked about online much more then yours.
Smaller companies and brands really do need to put forth more effort to get found and to get recognized in Google.  It truly is a David and Goliath scenario, BUT, it can be done with rave product reviews, viral social media campaigns, etc.

10.) They are cranking out information outside of their web site and optimizing it properly.
A great example of this is videos.  YouTube is the second most used search box on the Internet for a reason.  People love to watch.  Another example are press releases.  Composing and distributing compelling and newsworthy press releases with return URL’s can tell Google just how important your web site is.

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