You wouldn’t believe the amount of ‘stuff’ I hear daily from prospects that have been sold a bag of donuts about search engine optimization, or SEO.  I thought it would be helpful to clear up a few things that SEO is NOT.

– SEO Is Not An Overnight Process
It can take months to a year to rank well under keyphrases / keywords.  Once your business ranks for those certain keywords / key-phrases, those positions need to be maintained.

– SEO Is NOT A One & Done.
Again, once you get there, you need to maintain that positioning.  Threats in the form of new web sites / more relevant content, changes in algorithims, play a huge role on where your web site ranks on a daily basis.

– SEO Is Not About How Much You Pay Google.
I’ve had lots of folks ask me if we can just pay Google to get organic rankings. The answer is No, BUT you can pay Google to rank under their PPC (Ad-Words) ads.

– SEO Is Not Just About One Particular Element.
Many folks have been told that because a competitor has better reviews in Google places that their web sites will outrank them.  Many folks have been told that it’s only about inbound links (link-building), many folks have been told that the domain name alone will help the web site outrank everyone.  The truth is, there are hundreds of factors that go into the way Google, Bing or Yahoo rank web sites.  A sound SEO strategy should focus on these key areas, Technical, Content & Establishing Trust with the search engines.

– SEO Is Not About Creating Crumby Content Written JUST For Search Engines.
Creating junk content with hopes in ranking a web site high is a recipe for disaster.  This strategy MAY yield some results but will not be sustainable results.  Writing copy for real humans that is useful, relevant and compelling is what sticks and is exactly what Google is seeking.

– SEO Is Not About An Automated Process.
Using an automated computer program to rank in any search engine is not an effective strategy for reaching your prospects or customers.  True SEO should begin with the end user in mind first and foremost, search engines secondly.  There aren’t many computer programs who can speak to the intended PERSON that we are trying to pull to your web site.

If your business is in the market for a search engine marketing,  I’d encourage you to check, double check and triple check references about any firm you choose to work with.  One of the best ways to find a search engine marketing firm worth it’s salt is to google a few search terms and see if you can find that firm listed in the organic results.  If they can get themselves found, they can probably get your business found.  (example, Orlando SEO, Orlando Internet Marketing). If you’d like to discuss getting your business found in the search engines, please give me a call, In Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

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