I have a wise adviser who reminds me on a weekly basis that Activity Creates Activity. He’s dead right and I think your small business could benefit greatly from this very simple concept, especially on your web site and through all of your Internet marketing activities.

Here are a few quick pointers that you can do online to create activity around your web site:

1.) Online Press Releases. Did your organization just win an award or launch a new product? Perhaps you hired an SEO rockstar to join your team or you won a huge deal. Let the online world know about it by creating a simple, short and sweet press release and submit it to the various online news areas. Do it often, but don’t over do it. Make it real and keep it real.

2.) Blogging & Comments. I sound like a broken record on this point, but blogging can create some great activity around your web site. The more great stuff you generate and share, the more Google and the rest of the world pays attention. The caution here: keep it up and don’t stop. It won’t happen overnight, but it can and will happen if you are disciplined and write quality shareable content.

3.) Social Media: Share your press releases, insights, blogs, observations, etc., through social media. Do it often. Remember this, people don’t really care what you just ate for lunch, but they do care about your expert advice and insights.

Again, it’s mission critical to stay consistent. The more activity that you produce, the more successful your online initiatives will be.

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