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The Write Stuff.

Why does one web site rank better than the other? Why is your competitor creeping up on your search engine results turf? It’s usually due to activity. Here’s what I mean….

The more words / content that your web site generates, the more that Google becomes interested in checking out your wares. The more that the content / words that you’ve generated are shared because they are amazing, the more Google pays attention to your web site. The more that Google pays attention, the more prone they are to crawl your web site more frequently. The more that Google crawls your website, the more opportunities you have to get your writing indexed rapidly. The more rapidly your content gets indexed, the better off you are with your SEO efforts.

SEO, or optimizing your writing, is all about feeding prospects first, and search engines secondly. Create great stuff, write often, and you’ll feel the Google love. The other advantage here, the more that you generate and the more that Google crawls your website, the more opportunities you have to explore and get found under other keywords, quicker.

Take the time to write great stuff, take the time to plan and methodically deploy that great stuff. You’ll reap the benefits of feeding the search engines shortly.

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SEO & Beginning With The End Result.

All great journeys have a destination and your online Internet marketing plan should be no different.

When it comes to SEO in particular, I encourage all of On Targets’ clients to begin with the end in mind, so I find that it’s mission critical to ask yourself the following questions:

What does a successfully run SEO campaign look like at the end?

What key phrases is your business ranked under?

Have your leads improved?

Have you pushed down some competition in the search engine results?

Have you reached the desired prospects?

Have you built an audience and following that you now have permission to speak to?

Mind you, SEO is an ongoing process that consistently needs to be tweaked and re-evaluated, but knowing what the desired outcome is more than half of the battle. Taking the time to think it through and map your success plan can yield some outstanding results.

For more insight into SEO, you may wish to check out my personal blog at http://www.TomJelneck.com or give one of my SEO experts a call today: In Orlando, 407-830-4550, Nationwide, 866-998-6886.


Blogging SEO Tip: Anchoring Keywords.

Google loves to crawl links, so the next time that you devise a brilliant blog, be certain to feed Google a few links to crawl deeper into your web site. Perhaps you’d like to get some of those older blog posts indexed in Google or draw some more attention to your home page. Either way, it’s critical to hyperlink keywords back to the page you want Google to crawl.

Here’s an example of HOW to properly anchor or hyperlink for SEO:

Rather than linking back to your widget / product page using click here as a hyperlink, try something SEO friendly like this: Click the link to learn more about our Widgets (where widgets is a popular search phrase that you’ve identified.)

This serves two purposes, it helps with brand recognition for your product, but it also keeps telling Google that the page you are linking to is about or relevant to the keyword that you’ve used to link with.

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SEO Question: Why Does My Blog Outrank My Site?

We get some great questions from our awesome On Target clients, I got one today and would love to share it with you:

Why Does My Blog Outrank My Site In The Google Search Results?

This particular client has a unique scenario, they have their own web site which is built on an ASP platform and they have not yet updated it to run a WordPress blog, etc.. They happened to have a blog that was built a while back and our team has been using that as a device to generate rich and unique content.

The answer is this: The blog is updated very frequently by the On Target SEO team. Google LOVES fresh, new content and constantly seeks NEW information. The On Target SEO team selects very relevant topics around this particular industry, researches the appropriate keywords and crafts articles and insight for HUMAN Beings and not just search engines. The more new information that we post to this particular blog, the more we are building the trust factor with Google. The more Google trusts the site as a content partner, the more it is rewarded in the search engine results pages (SERPS.)

Ultimately, the blog site is generating the rich content, that’s the one Google is gravitating towards.

In an ideal world, the blog would sit on the domain of the client and serve as the platform for content generation, but in this case, it was not going to happen.

To learn more about SEO, blogging and content generation in Internet marketing, give one of our Internet marketing experts a call. In Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

SEO Tip : Baiting Google To Come Back.

You’ve spent hours and hours tweaking your web site copy, researching keywords and understanding your competition, you’ve meta tagged, title tagged, alt tagged and every other kind of tagging you can think of, you’ve done it all.

Days and days go by, a month goes by, two months go by and nothing. Your web site isn’t showing up yet in Google, orders for your products aren’t flooding your inbox, your phone is still not ringing off the hook.

Now What?

Many people are under the impression that Google will seek you out, that Google gets a memo once you’ve built your web site.  The truth is, you need to work hard at getting Google to digest your web site and rank it well within their search engine.  Here are a few key tips to get Google coming back to your web site so that it can be crawled and hopefully indexed:

1.) Set up and use a blog.
In my humble opinion, there is no better way to get Google interested in your web site. Blogging creates activity, Google loves activity.  Blog well, blog often and be sure to share your blog posts on key social media areas such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

2.) Create an XML sitemap and submit it.
An XML sitemap is nothing more than a road map of your web site.  Once created, you can upload to your web site and let Google know you’ve built one.  Simply create an account at Google Web Master Tools and submit your sitemap.  This doesn’t ensure that all of your content will be digested by Google, but it makes it much easier for Google to crawl your site.

3.) Participate on the Internet.
A great way to get your web site noticed is by adding your insight and wisdom to industry specific blogs and forums.  Many forums and blogs will allow you to leave a return URL back to your web site.  Be cautious to not post in sketchy areas as Google could associate your URL with ‘bad neighborhoods’ and possibly penalize your web site.

The whole key to successful SEO is work.  SEO cannot be a ‘one and done’ event, it must be a well thought out planned and executed ongoing activity.  To get your SEO On Target, call one of my expert Internet marketing team members today: In Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

SEO: Why Isn’t Your Web Site On Page 1 in Google?

We get a lot of prospects who contact us because they are firing their existing SEO company.  They maintain that the SEO firm didn’t get them on page 1, so after 3 months, they decide to move to another search engine marketing firm thinking that this move will instantly push them to the front page.  Each time we hear this, we are very cautious and perform a great deal of due diligence prior to even giving them a proposal.

I thought it would be important for you to know what kinds of things my SEO team looks for to see what we are up against. There are basically three key factors with several sub-factors that help us look under the hood, but here are the most general:

SEO Consideration 1: The Site Foundation.

A cleanly coded web site is a happy web site, and Google loves clean.  If we see a slew of messy sloppy code with excessive scripts, ugly URL structures, etc., our first recommendation will always be to get your ‘house’ in order.  Google doesn’t have a ton of free time, so it’s mission critical that your web site is constructed with clean and simple in mind.

SEO Consideration 2: The Trust Factor.

If your company just bought a domain name yesterday from Joe’s discount domain traders, don’t expect Google to trust your web site or it’s domain for quite a while. Google needs to trust your domain, that means, it wasn’t used for ill purposes in the past, or wasn’t linked to 90,000 link farms or questionable web site neighborhoods.  A well established domain with a nice and clean reputation will always do better in Google’s eyes.

SEO Consideration 3: The Content Factor.

This is usually where we see the most failures.  Content is king, content will remain king.  If your business set your web site up and walked away without a plan of growing it with rich content, Google will NOT be placing much weight on your site.  We look to see how often and how current web sites are, especially in terms of recent blog articles, etc.. It’s imperative that your business has a content / editorial calendar that can be used to update not only your web site, but your social media venues as well.  Google DOES pay attention to your Facebook and Twitter account (as well as Google+, YouTube, etc.) so, content needs to be considered in multiple places.  Here’s where most companies fail, they stop doing it.

When it’s time to get real results for your business, call an actual SEO expert. What’s the best way to find an SEO expert? Google them. For expert SEO guidance, call my company, in Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

SEO, The Problem Solver Of Choice For Today’s Consumer.

SEO Experts
When’s the last time you picked up the phone and asked a fellow business owner for a referral?

When’s the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages and let your fingers do the problem solving?

When’s the last time you performed a Google search?

If you’re like most of the US population, you are visiting Google several times a day and looking for answers to your particular problem. So are your consumers.

If your web site, or social media presence, or blog cannot be found, your business is not growing or thriving. If your business isn’t taking the time to KNOW what problems your prospects have and NOT taking the time to find out how they are searching to solve those problems, your business in not growing or thriving.

Here’s the real truth about SEO. It’s about solving problems. It’s about speaking the right language to a very fluid moving target. It’s about knowing your prospect and delivering the answers to their real issues within seconds. It’s about getting your business found before your competition can get there.

Is your business there? We can help get you there. Call one of our SEO / Internet Marketing experts today, In Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

How To Configure WordPress For Maximum SEO

SEO & Lead TrackingOne of the things that us SEO types love about WordPress is how much Google and other search engines love to digest the content that is generated on the platform. The WordPress developers have done a great job building an SEO friendly CMS platform that will actually alert the Internet world each time you compose a work of art on your blog, but the default installation of your WordPress blog typically only alerts one news aggregator , so it’s important that you update it to reach a greater audience:

Here’s 8 quick steps to make certain that your WordPress blog is telling the world about your blog when you hit that publish button:

Step 1.
Open your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2.
Navigate to Settings on the left portion of your screen.

Step 3.
Navigate to Writing Settings

Step 4.
Scroll to the bottom in the main window pane.

Step 5.
Note where it says Update Services. By default, you will probably only see rpc.pingomatic.com in the box, if that is true, than click the Update Services hyperlink and grab the full list of update services.

Step 6.
Copy the full list of Update Services from the WordPress site (using the link they provide you in the dashboard.)

Step 7.
Paste them into the Update Services Box

Step 8.
Click the Save Changes button and you are all set.

Now, each time you generate a new blog post, you’ll be notifying some of the latest and greatest Internet  aggregators about your latest and greatest blog post.

How Often Should You Blog For SEO?

I’m asked this question with nearly every prospect I speak with. How often should I blog to get results?

The answer is, as much as it takes. There is no super duper secret SEO formula that says if you blog 2 times in one month, you’ll be crushing it in the organic search engine results.

Here are a few considerations to think about when setting a blogging SEO strategy for your business:

- How competitive is your market?

Can you stand out by generating some great content to keep prospects interested in your brand?

- Is your competition blogging? How often?

Pay attention to the frequency of your competition and their Google rankings.

- How competitive are the keywords you are after?

I can’t emphasize this consideration enough, pay attention to the free Google keyword data that Google graciously provides us all with. The higher the search volume on your target keywords, the more unique and relevant content you’ll need to generate to catch Google’s eyes.

- How prolific are you?

If you love to write, use the talent. Share the wealth and your insight into your industry. Remember to let your brand personality come out through your blogging.

Please do keep this in mind… Contrary to popular belief when it comes to SEO, there is no secret sauce. True SEO is about feeding your audience / prospects with rich content that keeps them coming back. A powerful side effect of that generosity is Google’s desire to index new, relevant content to searchers.

3 Things You Need To Know About SEO & Web Hosting.

Before you embark on that SEO or even PPC (pay per click) campaign, it’s imperative that you take a look at your web site hosting. Believe it or not, Google will penalize your web site and it’s SEO rankings if it finds the following when it visits your web site….

- SLOW load times.

If your web site takes over a minute to load due to excessive graphics / flash / content / just slow in general, Google may not be pleased. The great Google Bot is a very busy bot. It doesn’t have a month, let alone 1 minute to wait for your web site to load. Google wants it’s users (searchers) to experience quality web sites, it’s very important that your site loads quickly.

Solution: Check up on your web site frequently, be certain that it is loading quickly. If it is not, check your internet connection first, then consult your web host to help speed things up. If your site is cluttered with excessive graphics / code / flash, etc., consider cleaning it up or re-designing to something simple.

- FREQUENT Down Time.

If Google goes to crawl your web site and finds that it is down consistently, don’t expect your search engine rankings to thrive and grow. Google will eventually, simply stop visiting your web site.

Solution, find a host with a stable reputation AND one that offers excellent response times should / when something go wrong.

- GUILT By Association.

In the hosting world, your web site may site on a box with a few hundred other web sites. Some of those web sites may be spammers, some may be malicious, some may contain adult content, etc.. If Google has penalized any of those sites, it could end up affecting your web site and it’s reputation.

, consider a dedicated server environment. It does cost more, BUT, you are the only web site on that server.

Google wants users to have a great experience online. If people are finding your web site via the Google search engine and your web site offers a terrible / slow experience for them, things can start to go south.


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