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The Write Stuff.

Why does one web site rank better than the other? Why is your competitor creeping up on your search engine results turf? It’s usually due to activity. Here’s what I mean….

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SEO & Beginning With The End Result.

All great journeys have a destination and your online Internet marketing plan should be no different.

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Blogging SEO Tip: Anchoring Keywords.

Google loves to crawl links, so the next time that you devise a brilliant blog, be certain to feed Google a few links to crawl deeper into your web site. Perhaps you’d like to get some of those older blog posts indexed in Google or draw some more attention to your home page. Either way, it’s critical to hyperlink keywords back to the page you want Google to crawl.

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SEO Question: Why Does My Blog Outrank My Site?

We get some great questions from our awesome On Target clients, I got one today and would love to share it with you: Click here to read more »

SEO Tip : Baiting Google To Come Back.

You’ve spent hours and hours tweaking your web site copy, researching keywords and understanding your competition, you’ve meta tagged, title tagged, alt tagged and every other kind of tagging you can think of, you’ve done it all.

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SEO: Why Isn’t Your Web Site On Page 1 in Google?

We get a lot of prospects who contact us because they are firing their existing SEO company.  They maintain that the SEO firm didn’t get them on page 1, so after 3 months, they decide to move to another search engine marketing firm thinking that this move will instantly push them to the front page.  Each time we hear this, we are very cautious and perform a great deal of due diligence prior to even giving them a proposal.

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SEO, The Problem Solver Of Choice For Today’s Consumer.

SEO Experts
When’s the last time you picked up the phone and asked a fellow business owner for a referral?

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How To Configure WordPress For Maximum SEO

SEO & Lead TrackingOne of the things that us SEO types love about WordPress is how much Google and other search engines love to digest the content that is generated on the platform. The WordPress developers have done a great job building an SEO friendly CMS platform that will actually alert the Internet world each time you compose a work of art on your blog, but the default installation of your WordPress blog typically only alerts one news aggregator , so it’s important that you update it to reach a greater audience:

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How Often Should You Blog For SEO?

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3 Things You Need To Know About SEO & Web Hosting.

Before you embark on that SEO or even PPC (pay per click) campaign, it’s imperative that you take a look at your web site hosting. Believe it or not, Google will penalize your web site and it’s SEO rankings if it finds the following when it visits your web site…. Click here to read more »


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