We have a new organic seo client that asked us to take a look at his Google AdWords campaign, our client truly gets ‘it’ and is eager to see a return on his adword conversion: We dove right in and discovered that he had in the past 8 months, spent $17,430 in Google adwords: his conversions? 6.  He sold 6 items and spent 17,430 to get those six sales. If he was selling million dollar mansions or Ferraris, I might not get so excited. BUT, this is not the case.  We found he was bidding on terms that were not as relevant to his web site as they could have been (obviously) and ultimately he was bleeding money.

Google Adwords can be a great enhancement to your online marketing campaign, however, you need to choose your words wisely, write campaigns that GET attention and make certain that you are reaching your target audience.  While it sounds like a no-brainer, understanding AdWords and maintaining it is an art form within itself. Here are a few pointers:

1.) Research, research, research.  Know what your competition is doing and do it better.

2.) Choose your words wisely: make certain that your keywords AND key-phrases are relevant to your target audience.

3.) Set Goals: Google analytics has a wonderful tool to measure site conversions, make certain that this is setup properly.

4.) Be Diligent. Check in on your campaign daily, in fact, opt in to have Google send you an email each morning outlining your progress. Cool reports, and easy to read.

5.) Track those conversions and monitor your Google analytics.

6.) Experiment: by knowing your demographic well, you can construct multiple ads that you can test, setup a few and have AdWords display the most effective ones (there is a setting for this as well.)

7.) Add new keywords: as you add new products, add new keywords, ads, etc.

8.) Delete the keywords that are not converting: you will be able to monitor click through ratios in the AdWords control panel, if they aren’t gettin’ clicked, dump em.

9.) Running a special? Think it through, adjust your ads to display discounts, incentives, etc. for that time period.

10.) Test Market: new product? Kick the tires before you spend a ton of marketing dollars promoting it, get a feel from your AdWords campaign on how well received your new product will be.

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