Before you hit that submit button on your twitter post, facebook status update or your blog post, ask yourself one very important question….. Could this ever come back and bite me in the butt?

People seeking jobs, applying for jobs or looking to keep their jobs need to exercise at least some discretion when engaging in social media and blogging, etc.  Each post that you complete becomes public, Google loves digesting your tidbits, especially blog articles AND IMAGES there is no take back button!  Potential employers DO scour the net looking to learn about you and your background, existing employers may also do the same and don’t think for a second that when my daughter turns 16 and has her first date that I won’t be googling her boyfriends name to learn more about him.

While Google does shake up its database from time to time, your information (blog posts, etc.) does stay in their database EVEN IF YOU DELETE IT for quite some time and can remain search-able.

Watch me on The Daily Buzz with Mitch English discussing social media:

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