While everyone is scrambling to learn the true value of social media, the team at On Target Web Solutions is focused on what we can learn from Social Media and how we can constantly improve SEO for our clients.  Like any other form of marketing, social media is all about a conversation.  There’s really nothing mystical about, there’s no snake oil, there’s no amazing silver bullet.  It’s all about who, what, when, where and why. Social Media is all about the conversation, and we believe that SEO is the same way.

SEO is a two way conversation. It’s about knowing what your clients and prospects are looking for and then it’s about responding to their needs (Google search) to answer their questions, to enlighten them, to entice them, to educate them and to endear them to your brand.  Your prospects speak, you learn, you speak back with the content that they are seeking. Great SEO is constant.  Great SEO never stops, it continues to learn, to observe and to evolve.

With that being said, how can you use your Social Media platforms to improve your SEO?

Great social media is about two-way conversations.  Conversations between you and your prospects and vice versa. Nestled within those conversations is gold. Your prospects and clients are speaking to you about your brand and products using THEIR language.  Your mission: LEARN Their language.  Pay very close attention to what keywords they are using, note how they refer to your products and start crafting your messaging speaking their language. The more you speak their language, the more they know you are listening, the more your messaging will convert, the more Google will index your web site using the language of your prospects.

The key: listen to them, engage them and learn from them. The more that you relate to your clients, the more successful your Internet marketing efforts will be.

In my next few posts, I’ll focus on some concrete ways you can use Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to improve your overall SEO efforts.


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