Very odd that I was about to write this blog and then saw this video on CNN: As the web becomes more and more accessible to a larger audience, the odds of negative comments being posted about your business become much more probable.  Whether the offending comments are true or not is irrelevant, the fact is, negative comments found in a Google search can hurt, even cripple your company and it’s reputation.

What’s the best way to deal with this scenario?  Honesty is always the best policy: if you see a negative comment about your company / organization: you have to respond.  A lack of response is often times deemed as an admission of guilt.  Be sincere and genuine in your response and obviously defend yourself if the need arises.  Keep in mind that the blogger or blog in question may or may not accept your comment as many of them are moderated and not automated.  In this case, it would be important to create your own blog post explaining the situation and / or details and your defense without sounding ‘defensive’.

As far as the search engines go, many folks think that you can just make articles, web pages, etc., disappear from Google with a click of a mouse.  Not so: the truth is, even if a page is removed  from a web server, Google, MSN, or Yahoo keep a ‘cached’ or snapshot of the page that was removed for an indefinite amount of time.  So, just because a negative blog was removed, doesn’t mean that it will stop showing up in the search engine results! The best course of action is to continue to add content to the your website that include your company name and push the blog or offending article down in the search results and make it irrelevant and yesterday’s news.

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