I met with a new prospect this week who runs a small security store here in Orlando.  Great guy, great product, great dedication to his clients, etc.  So when he set out to have his web site promoted via a Pay Per Click campaign he was sold a dream.  A dream to convert clicks to sales, a dream to get found locally in the Google search engine results, a dream to grow his business. 8 months went by of him paying this company for so called results, 8 months of wasted money flew by. Very few clicks, no tangible reporting as to what was going on, no phone calls, no emails, no carrier pigeons, no nothing. Just auto drafted thievery.

This particular so called SEO company is a national PPC company.  This particular company loves to use an automated SEO system, this ‘system’ is supposed to KNOW when to show the targeted keyword driven ads, when no to show the ads, what keywords to use, what copy to use for the ad, how far it is from here to Tokyo, how deep the Pacific Ocean is and what the temperature of the cup of coffee on my desk is right now.

Automated SEO PPC campaigns cannot work effectively.  Marketing in my humble opinion should never be left to just computers. Marketing should be deliberate, consistent yet fluid, intuitive, responsive in some cases, perceptive, planned, thought out, deliberate.  As much as I love my IMac, I’m not so sure it can do any of those things, ever.  So, the next time that you are solicited by a pay per click (SEO) pusher, be sure to ask the following questions:

* How does your system work?
* Do I have a dedicated SEO Account manager?
* Will that SEO account manager be around in three weeks?
* How much of my monthly spend actually goes to Google Adwords and how much goes to your company?
* Can I see Analytics whenever I want to measure the effectiveness?
* Do I get any input as to what keywords you are bidding on?
* How often do you change up my ad copy based on performance of the ad?
* Do you ask my opinion before you change that ad?
* Do you create landing pages on my web site or on a third party proxy site?
* How do you monitor the phone calls from the web site?

The bottom line is this: you need someone watching out for you.  You don’t need a computer trying to figure out what keywords to serve, what ad copy should be used, when and where the ads should show up, etc.  If you are looking for a true marketing partner who uses real live human beings to help market your web site, give me a call: In Orlando: 407-830-4550 or Toll Free: 866-998-6886.

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