There is no doubt that the Internet and Internet marketing is here to stay. This is how consumers shop these days, this is where they live, in this digital world. I talk to so many business owners that know that they ‘need’ to be online, but they don’t have any notion of what it costs to actually BE online and BE present online.

Here’s a little bit of what it takes:

- A Strong Commitment To Being Different.
There are so many fish in this sea, how will your business be unique or remarkable? Ask yourself this way before you even think about opening that Facebook account.

- A Strong Commitment to feeding your prospects.
Without content, the Internet is nothing. Create content and win. Create winning content and win love by prospects and Google.

- A Web Site That’s Built To Win.
Just because your uncle Joey built a web site back in the day using notepad and knew HTML like the back of his hand doesn’t mean he can create a marketing piece that can and will convert. Work with marketing people, not IT people.

- Know What They Want.
Guessing at what keywords your prospect may type in is a recipe for going out of business online. Knowing what they want, where they want it and when they want gets you to the finish line. Take the time research, the payoff can be outstanding.

Spending 53.00 in Google AdWords is not going to transform your business. Taking the time to budget accordingly and investing some resources to draw the crowds can change your business. Don’t SKIMP with your online budget because you think you can get tons of great traffic for free.

- A Business That Takes Great Care Of It’s Customers.
Zappos wins. They win because they are remarkable and take great care of their customers. Treat them with dignity and human respect, the payoffs and the word of mouth online will be rewarding.

- Be Real.
Robots don’t close sales. People and relationships do. Be real in every interaction online. Your social media, your blogging, your web copy, be yourself, people like that.

- Eye On The Prize.
Pay attention to what your web site is telling you. Read your analytics, know your analytics, understand how people are behaving on your web site and evolve to give them what they want and need.

If you don’t have the talent or experience on your staff to execute any of the above, you need to hire an Internet Marketing firm that understands these principles.  In Orlando, call (407) 830-4550. Nationwide: 866-998-6886.

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