Before you embark on that SEO or even PPC (pay per click) campaign, it’s imperative that you take a look at your web site hosting. Believe it or not, Google will penalize your web site and it’s SEO rankings if it finds the following when it visits your web site….

- SLOW load times.

If your web site takes over a minute to load due to excessive graphics / flash / content / just slow in general, Google may not be pleased. The great Google Bot is a very busy bot. It doesn’t have a month, let alone 1 minute to wait for your web site to load. Google wants it’s users (searchers) to experience quality web sites, it’s very important that your site loads quickly.

Solution: Check up on your web site frequently, be certain that it is loading quickly. If it is not, check your internet connection first, then consult your web host to help speed things up. If your site is cluttered with excessive graphics / code / flash, etc., consider cleaning it up or re-designing to something simple.

- FREQUENT Down Time.

If Google goes to crawl your web site and finds that it is down consistently, don’t expect your search engine rankings to thrive and grow. Google will eventually, simply stop visiting your web site.

Solution, find a host with a stable reputation AND one that offers excellent response times should / when something go wrong.

- GUILT By Association.

In the hosting world, your web site may site on a box with a few hundred other web sites. Some of those web sites may be spammers, some may be malicious, some may contain adult content, etc.. If Google has penalized any of those sites, it could end up affecting your web site and it’s reputation.

, consider a dedicated server environment. It does cost more, BUT, you are the only web site on that server.

Google wants users to have a great experience online. If people are finding your web site via the Google search engine and your web site offers a terrible / slow experience for them, things can start to go south.

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