If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this SEO question, I would be writing this blog post from Tahiti and not Orlando.

In this instant gratification world, we all want to see results, YESTERDAY. I’m one of those people, I don’t have a lot of patience (unfortunately) and I’m always assuming that technology should move faster and faster and get ‘stuff done’ quicker and more efficiently.

SEO does NOT work that way. Here’s why.

When Google goes out and looks (crawls) a web site, it’s out to find quality. Quality takes time. Quality is NOT accomplished overnight. Trust is not established overnight, therefore, your web site will not rank in the top ten overnight, much less days. Google defines quality as a web site AND a web presence that CONSISTENTLY accomplishes the following:

- The web site is built well for search engines.
- The domain name has been around the block and wasn’t just registered yesterday.
- The web site / and / or domain doesn’t have a history of spamming or is not linked to from web sites in bad neighborhoods.
- The web site regularly offers up content rich and UNIQUE content suited well for web site VISITORS, content that is not over-stuffed with garbage keywords, etc.
- The web site is linked to from great places, places that are relevant and make sense.
- The web site is talked about in social media places frequently. (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
- The web site stays up and running consistently at a decent load pace.
- The content on the web site is well optimized and targets known popular key-phrases that are RELEVANT to the marketplace.

There are so many more factors, in fact, Google just adjusted 50 of those factors last week to improve search results.

So, How long does SEO take? Results can TYPICALLY start be seen within 60-90 days, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer. It truthfully depends on so many factors including all of the above. It is also important to know this: SEO Should NEVER stop. We should always be looking for ways to enhance the users experience on our web sites, whether it’s quality blog content, or easier navigation structure, or a social media campaign, this is what true SEO is all about.

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