How to Use Google+ to Boost Your Content Strategy

How to Use Google+ to Boost Your Content Strategy

Google+Did you know that Google+ has recently surpassed the 1 billion registered user mark? Yet, many businesses are still somewhat in the dark on how to jump into the Google+ community and use it to their advantage.

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A Hailstorm of Hashtags: Understanding Hashtag Etiquette

Before delving into the proper use and formatting of hashtags, it is important that you know what they’re used for.  Hashtags, which began on Twitter, are keywords designated by the hash (#) sign that link to active feeds within their respective social networks.  They are now usable across a majority of major social media channels.

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Facebook Graph Search = Time To Clean Up Your Wall

Ever regret posting something a bit racy on Facebook? Ever get nervous that your boss could find you discussing just how much you hate him / her? Facebook Graph Search is coming and that means your boss, ex-wife, girlfriend, potential employer can find and see all of your shady shenanigans…. UNTIL 3 college guys developed FaceWash, a powerful tool that can help save your hyde. Fox 35 asked me to come speak about it on Good Day Orlando:

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Social Media Trends For 2013 : Content Marketing Is Where It’s At.

Keith Landry from Fox 35 Orlando invited me on the Orlando Matters morning show to discuss the top trends to watch out for in 2013 in terms of social media.

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Why Buying Friends On Social Media Channels Can Backfire.

I’ve seen a lot of companies lately offering to go out and purchase lists of people to be added to social media accounts.  The ultimate goal of course is that your business can talk to ‘more people’ through your social media channels.  Ultimately, there is strength in numbers… right???

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Fighting To Be Seen: A Quick Guide To Internet Marketing

“US online advertising spending, which grew 23% to $32.03 billion in 2011, is expected to grow an additional 23.3% to $39.5 billion this year—pushing it ahead of total spending on print newspapers and magazines, according to new forecast by eMarketer.”

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5 Reasons Your Social Media Activity Isn’t Working.

Speech of yourself ought to be seldom and well chosen.

- Francis Bacon

I speak to many companies who still don’t believe that Social media can ROI or drive any improve their brand presence, etc.. The simple fact of the matter is this. They’re usually doing it wrong. Here’s a few reasons why it went wrong.

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3 Social Media Tips Businesses Can Learn From The Travel Industry

I was interviewed by Fox News 35 (Orlando) last week about getting last minute vacation deals using social media.  This topic begs the question, how can your business / industry benefit from a social media campaign? Think about it this way, humans want to be led, humans want to belong, how can you set your business above the rest and be the leader that that humans want to follow?

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But I Tweeted At Least Twice Last Month…

Today I was discussing social media with a prospect when I heard this come out of his mouth: “But I Tweeted Twice Last Month…“. Folks, twice a month of anything probably won’t move ANY needle worth even measuring.

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Think Twice! Job Seeking & Your Social Media Activity.

A recent article in Forbes magazine cautions job seekers to think twice before they publish a photo to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogging sites.  Employers are (and have been) using social media sites and services that scour the sites to screen potential job candidates.  This means if you are applying for a teaching position (for example) and just threw up 22 new photos of you doing a fire dance while shooting tequila shots wearing a skimpy outfit, you may be in trouble.

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