Offers The Opportunity

To Talk With Your Audience

Not At Them.”

– Laura Holloway

Go back. Way back. Back to your kindergarten days. Remember sitting on the floor? Maybe on a shaggy, olive-green carpet square. Remember that time right after lunch when your teacher would circle up the class and read a story?

He or she would crack open a classic, maybe Dr. Seuss, maybe Aristotle, maybe Shel Silverstein. Story time helped shape you. It was the best damned 30 minutes you could get in school. For that half hour, there was no boring class work, no eating glue, no purple nurples or atomic wedgies from that punk kid Charley. It was a simpler time; they were good times. Well – except for Charley. That kid was a jerk.


Humans, no matter how young or old, love to hear stories. Stories shape us. They can illuminate, terrify, amuse, inspire, and educate us.

At On Target, we’ve encountered so many brands that have become masters of telling stories online. These stories are victories, they are stories of inspiration, they are stories of humans that have achieved tremendous feats. They are designed to endear a target market segment to a brand.

This isn’t “selling” in the traditional sense. It’s a method of building trust, rapport and gaining the consumer’s permission to sell to them.

We are digital storytellers. We create shareable and remarkable blog content that begs to be consumed. We create human-centric social media content that builds community and thought leadership. We create strategies that connect with customers in order to cultivate confidence in your brand.. Through crisp and clean web design, we create a canvas that compels, engages, and provokes an emotional reaction.

At On Target Digital Marketing, it’s always story time. We'd love to hear your story... Fill out our nifty contact form or call 866-998-6886 today.

What's your story?


don't buy what you do;
they buy


you do it.

And what


do simply proves
what you believe." - Simon Sinek

So what’s your story? Why do customers want to buy from your brand? Why would they want to hang out with you?

Whether you sell flux capacitors, shish kebab skewers, seamless gutters, custom Yugo restorations, or jet engines, you’ve got a story to tell. A story people want to hear. This is where our digital marketing wizardry comes in. We help extract that story and build thought leadership. We become an extension of forward-thinking marketing departments that want their brand to stand out among a sea of noise on the interwebs.

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