Clean, Crisp, Professional, Engaging, Converting.

Whether you work on the back end of a website or not, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that website designs have undergone a number of crucial transformations. Evolving from the world of flashing banners and sparkle tags, companies and individuals alike are turning toward clean, simple designs that facilitate navigation and keep users coming back time and time again. More importantly, the web pages of today–and of the future–are designed to spark conversation and interaction.

Think about it this way: your website is a visual representation of your brand as a whole. Since 90% of all information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and the brain processes visuals exorbitantly faster than it does text, your website’s design is more important than you may have previously thought. Will your audience connect more deeply to a site with outdated flash intros, poor navigation, and a cluttered design? Or will they respect the clean, professional, engaging representation of your company? (If you said ‘yes’ to the former, maybe it’s time to retarget your audience.

On Target Digital Marketing is proud to provide our clients with clean, crisp, engaging websites, compatible with all devices. Our high quality web designs, which place an emphasis on the growing importance of mobile responsiveness, help our clients convert and retain more of their visitors. They help to begin and spark a conversation. They help to instill confidence in the brand. They help to educate website visitors and most importantly, they help to bring your company where it needs to be.

Not all web design is created equal. The Orlando web design team at On Target Web Solutions designs websites with your prospects and ROI in mind. We believe in clean, simple, easy-to-navigate web design that incorporates strong calls to action and leads your prospects to take an action. All of our web sites are designed to be found in the search engines and incorporate social media for maximum customer engagement


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