Today’s digital world is increasingly focusing on the human experience. In order to keep your brand’s digital persona ahead of the competition, it needs to be authentic, personable and human. To achieve this ever-evolving goal with remarkable results, you need an expertly crafted team of remarkable digital marketing experts.

  • Tom Jelneck
    Tom Jelneck
  • Shonte Jelneck
    Shonte Jelneck
  • Monique Diefendorf
    Monique Diefendorf
    Marketing Director
  • Rick Diehl
    Rick Diehl
    Production Lead
  • John Terry
    John Terry
    Chief Storytelling Officer
  • Maggie Weldin
    Maggie Weldin
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Kimberly Struhs
    Kimberly Struhs
  • Madeline Ditmyer
    Madeline Ditmyer
    Social Media
  • Kimberly Ryan
    Kimberly Ryan
  • Jacob Vogelbacher
    Jacob Vogelbacher
    Production Assistant
  • Abby Stassen
    Abby Stassen
    Social Media

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