You Can’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect.

Our Google Analytics Certified team is always looking for new ways to turn data into actionable insights that can continue to increase your ROI within your Orlando digital marketing campaign.

Through the creation of a custom measurement plan our team will define and identify your main goals and KPIs optimizing your conversion rate optimization (CRO) process to target your main audience effectively.

With a focus on user behavior, our team delivers the most valuable actionable blog on the Analytics report that you receive on a monthly basis following the ABO model. Acquisition, Behavior & Outcomes.

Our Digital Marketing & Analytics Services Include:

  • Social Media & Live Events Analytics – What happens on social media doesn’t stay on social media. We track every link we share on your social channels, so we can find value and create data driven strategies based on your user’s activity.
  • Channel Attribution – We identify those channels making the highest economic impact for your business so you can better allocate your budget.
  • A/B & MVT Testing – Through the power of testing, we let your users decide to make sure they deliver the highest outcomes for your website.
  • Account Setup & Audit – Our web developer and analytics team run an audit of your website to make sure your data looks clean, it’s properly tagged and reporting the correct data before they start with the implementation phase.

Properly tracking your offline and online marketing efforts is vital to improving your clients and potential clients experience. All of our digital marketing strategies are backed up by real and accurate data from your website that helps us move the needle in the right direction based on what is working and what is not for you. Are you ready to start making data driven decisions? Give us a call today to discuss your digital marketing. You’ll be glad you did. In Orlando: 407-830-4550, Nationwide: 866-998-6886.