From Credit Unions, To Banks, To Mortgage companies, On Target has the content marketing, SEO, Social Media & digital advertising expertise that your financial institution needs to grow and thrive in your local community.

We work with a variety of financial institutions to help gain market share, enhance their public relations through good news and stories, and educate their prospects through clean, responsive web design, copy, infographics, social media content and more. We have LOTS of experience with content and compliance, we’ve been there, so you’re not paying for a learning curve.

Meet ZMOT,
The Zero Moment Of Truth Marketing Model.

The bottom line, the On Target team devises a solid digital marketing roadmap, creates amazing content and gets your bank / credit union / mortgage brokerage in front of the 10.4 places that they frequent online. This could be Facebook, Google, Financial outlook sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, your bank website, etc.. Our Mission: Get your financial institution seen when and where it matters most.

When you work with On Target, you get a team of seasoned digital marketing experts. Being a native digital marketing agency, all we’ve ever known is how to attract more leads, website visits and conversions to help grow your bank, credit union or mortgage brokerage.

How are your prospects finding you today? Consider a credit card, there are obviously a million options out there, so how are consumers behaving today when they are seeking a card?

How are financial product consumers
behaving online via search engines?

How we get your bank found.
Each DMA is different and each bank / credit union has different marketing goals and objectives. We take the time to understand your marketing needs and then month one of our engagement is spent with the On Target team building a solid digital marketing roadmap for your particular bank, credit union or financial institution. We’ll dig deep, perform a thorough online competitive analysis and chart the path for the future of your marketing program. You’ll also receive 2 sample pieces of our expertly written content by our team of 265 USA based, vetted writers. This content is meant to educate, enlighten and build awareness and as an amazing side effect, greatly enhances SEO.

After our initial month of deep diving into your space, we’ll execute. Our monthly engagements consist of SEO, Editorial Calendar Planning, Content Creation, Adwords and / or social media ad management and social media content and execution. You’ll receive an amazing analytics report from each month, not just a spit out of numbers and pretty charts. Our certified Google Analytics team will show you what’s working, what’s not and where we should be going next month.

When you work with On Target, you get customer service like no other digital marketing agency. You get true expertise and a genuine desire to help your bank / credit union thrive and win. You get an extension of your marketing department that get’s stuff done with strategy and precision. Get with On Target today, call 866-998-6886 today to speak to one of our banking / financial content experts or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to meet you.