We believe in the Orlando community, and we love to give back to organizations who make a difference. We believe that in giving, we receive. Our team is passionate about making sure our knowledge is spread to those in need in order to help grow their mission. If chosen by the On Target team, we will provide your nonprofit with a digital marketing roadmap. This  in-depth analysis will help guide your marketing efforts to help reach donors, the people you serve, assist with board development and recruitment and more.

We are accepting applications for in-kind digital marketing work for nonprofit organizations, and if we are able to help you, we definitely will!


  • We donate our time/services to Central Florida-based nonprofit organizations.
  • We will only consider applicants who have filled out the form in full.
  • Donation of our time/services will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and is based on the discretion of the On Target leadership.

Nonprofit Application For A Digital Marketing Evaluation