A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Likes

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By Kyle Wilson

Think about a website that you find aesthetically pleasing — one that you believe is stylish and modern. Think about what makes that specific website so appealing. Is it the text that draws your attention? Or perhaps it’s the eye-catching animation. More than likely, your answer is going to be the relevant and attention-grabbing images.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many components to a great looking website. You want to display the text in an organized way, and having animations and movement on your website is very important for a positive user experience. But when it comes down to the look and feel of a website, the photos you choose are by far the most important thing you need.

What Works When It Comes to Image Displays 

You shouldn’t insert random photos onto your website and call it a day. You want to find clear and relevant images that go with the theme of your brand. One company that does this well is Apple. Known for being one of the most sleek and stylish companies that exists right now, Apple’s whole brand is about how their products look and feel, and their website is based off that same concept. Take a look at the way Apple sells their brand. They don’t use text as their anchor — in fact, there’s hardly any text on their homepage. Instead, what you see are high quality photographs selling the look and feel of their products.

Another great example of telling your brand’s story through images is LuLuLemon. They use high-quality images to sell a fitness and health lifestyle — their images show people using their clothing in their everyday practice of yoga and overall fitness. Not only does this support LuLuLemon’s brand culture, it shows the durability and flexibility of their product. They combine thoughtful text placements with crystal-clear images of their products to ensure a positive customer experience, all while incorporating the basic design concept of the Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is an idea of how to balance out a design; the basic principle is to break up a design into sections that are most appealing to the viewer.

Images that you place on your website can really affect the look and overall feel of your site as a whole. Of course, how you display your information is very important, and animations can definitely help with user engagement, but the bedrock to any good website is image quality. So if you want people to start talking about your stylish, sleek website, don’t forget — a picture is worth a thousand likes.

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About the Author:

Kyle Wilson is a recent University of Central Florida graduate and a part of the web development team here at On Target. When he’s not pumping out websites, Kyle likes to hang out with friends, skateboard, and play guitar.