When It’s Time To Work With SEO Experts, It’s Time To Get On Target.

17 Reasons To Get Your SEO On Target In 2017

1.) We’ve been doing this SEO thing a LONG time.

With over 20 years of SEO experience, some ‘senior’ members of On Target have been around when Alta Vista was a thing, when AOL actually meant something and when Ask Jeeves was actually alive and thriving. Experience matters, wisdom matters and not working out of our garage really matters.

2.) We’re not Pocket Protector kind of people.
Many people have this idea of their Orlando SEO team wearing lab-coats and sporting pocket protectors. We aren’t IT geeks, nor should you hire a team of tech people to do your SEO. We are marketers. Marketers who understand human beings, how humans search and how Google, Bing or Yahoo rank sites.

3.) We practice what we preach.
You found us. We did something right. You want the same result. You call On Target, and get the results you need.

4.) We’re real human beings.
We talk to you, we understand how this SEO stuff works and we love providing exceptional customer care and expertise. We answer phones, emails, texts, social media channel messages and even respond quickly via carrier pigeon when needed.

5.) No smoke and mirrors here.
When you get your SEO On Target, you get transparency. You got realistic expectations. You get expert advice from our entire team. You get detailed reports that show you what’s up, what’s happening and sometimes, what’s NOT happening.

6.) No Secret SEO sauce.
Our approach to SEO is simple. We do it the way it was supposed to be done, true SEO is being user-centric. We focus on feeding your target customer / demographic rich content that Google and other search engines love to crawl and index well.

7.) We have a really cool office.
Ok, that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll love coming by and spending some time with our amazing team. Plus, we have cookies.

8.) Always Watching.
Our Orlando SEO team is alert and is tuned in to the ever-changing world of search. You can count on our SEO staff to know how to react to algorithm shifts, new search engine features and more. When you need results, you need this team.

9.) Strategy First.
At On Target, we don’t take the spaghetti approach to driving your results. We research, plan, implement and measure everything thing we do with keywords, content and activity. In other words, we’re not flying blind here.

10.) Variety is the spice of life.
While some agencies focus on certain verticals, the On Target SEO team works on a variety of industries, so we’ve been there, done that. From twirling batons, to 401k products, to pest control to cable companies, we’ve got some wisdom in your particular space.

11.) We have amazing coffee.
Freshly ground cups of bliss.

12.) Our fearless leader.
Our owner @Tom Jelneck personally gets involved with each clients’ SEO. Tom is a seasoned SEO badass and a heck of a nice guy at the same time.

13.) White hats only.
In the SEO space, there are some who seek shortcuts and those who seek to deliver through ethics and integrity. We are strictly a white hat SEO agency. No funny business. No screwy, deceptive practices. The bottom line, we’re not going to risk our or your reputation by trying to mess around with Google or other search engines. We do it right and always will.

14.) No Empty Promises.
MANY  SEO companies make promises. Ranking promises, performance promises and heck, promises to even simply call you back when they say they’re going to. At On Target, we guarantee you that we have the expertise to move the needle for you. No one can promise you rankings or movement in the search results.

15.) No to New Dehli.
When you work with On Target, here in Orlando, Florida, you get our SEO team, who lives HERE in Orlando, Florida. We don’t SUB out our SEO services. The folks in New Dehli are awesome, but we chose to keep it the good ole’ USA.

16.) People like us.
There’s nothing worse than working with a jerk. On Target is a jerk free environment.

17.) Winning.
We HATE to lose. We hate for our clients to lose. Therefore, when you hire the On Target team, you get a team of highly-motivated and driven SEO professionals who are passionate about helping you win. That’s our promise, that’s our guarantee.

Here’s the bottom line. When you need professionals, when you want to get serious about results, you need a full balanced Orlando digital marketing strategy to accomplish your search goals. Our team is chosen over all of the rest because of  our professionalism, know-how and proven track record. Give us a call today at 407-830-4550 to learn more about the On Target difference. Be prepared to experience amazing.